Monkey in Bra of Woman at Courthouse

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Some people are strange. Some people just do strange things. Here is a story that is, well… strange.

A woman in Virginia entered a courthouse wearing a monkey… in her bra. That’s right. Oh, and the animal was also dressed – in a pink-and-white dress.

The woman brought the monkey, a palm-sized marmoset, to “the Amherst County Courthouse on Thursday for a hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court,” according to Fox News. What is even more odd is that nobody detected the animal at first. How do you miss a small simian in someone’s bra? The animal was spotted only when the woman went to fill out paperwork in an office.

Of course, anyone who does something so strange warrants an interview. The News Advance of Lynchburg asked the woman a few questions regarding her decision to bring the animal to the courthouse. The woman explained that the marmoset was 7 weeks old and it requires constant attention. Apparently, the woman did not consider a marmoset-sitter.

According to the newspaper, the woman purchased the monkey on an online auction site. She had the marmoset’s clothes specially made… in West Virginia. Of course.

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