Monsanto Protection Act ‘One Heck of a Loophole for Friends of Congress’

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The Monsanto Protection act has struck a nerve with many, as it should, but will any of the backlash towards the signing of the act into law actually do anything to change it?

Apparently, the Tea Party feels it’s time to get in on the action and voice their opinion on the act and how it’s unfair to Americans. While many Americans don’t know about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) there’s no doubt that most of those people have spent a good amount of time googling them since the act was signed, so if nothing else comes of it, at least it made more people aware about GMO crops.

The Tea Party doesn’t feel qualified to speak on the safety of GMOs but they do say that the act was not passed fairly and was snuck in when no one was looking. Some even have gone as far as to say that the marriage equality debate was a smokescreen for the government so that they could pass the act without so much as a whisper of concern.

“It is not the purview of Tea Party Patriots to comment on the merits of GMOs — that is a discussion and debate for experts and activists within that field,” wrote Dustin Siggins, from Tea Party Patriots. “From the perspective of citizens who want open, transparent government that serves the people, however, the so-called ‘Monsanto Protection Act,’ Section 735 of the Continuing Resolution, is one heck of a special interest loophole for friends of Congress.”

It’s sad that the government felt that it had to sneak in this act when no one was looking. What it means for the future of food in America remains to be seen. If farmers have less rights than a massive corporation like Monsanto, what does that say for the future of the country as a whole?

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