‘Monster’ Lawsuit: Mouse Shakedown Ploy?

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The current Monster lawsuit is being called a mouse shakedown by the energy drink’s maker, Monster Beverage Co. The lawsuit was filed against the company by Vitaliy Sulzhik seeking Monster energy drink feature.jpgmonies for physical and emotional damages. Sulzhik claims that he discovered a dead mouse at the bottom of a can of Monster energy drink he’d been drinking from.

Monster Beverage Co. calls Sulzhik’s lawsuit a shakedown and issued the following statement: “Common sense would dictate that if a mouse had been introduced into the can at production (a virtually impossible scenario given modern production technologies) which occurred months prior to Mr. Sulzhik’s consumption of the product, the mouse would have deteriorated and the product would not have been drinkable from the very first sip.”

The company also pointed out examples from foreign companies which had dealt with creatures getting into their beverage cans. They stated, “any natural foreign object would have deteriorated, rendering the taste bad and the product undrinkable.”

Frankly, it’s true. If a mouse had gotten into that can during the processing and production stage, that mouse would have rotted away and Sulzhik would not have been able to stomach one sip, let alone a few sips. However, it will be interesting to see what the courts have to say about this lawsuit.

Furthermore, Monster Beverage Co. says they are prepared to fight the Sulzhik’s shakedown lawsuit because it was “frivolous and unfounded.” The company stated that when they inject their product with Monster energy drink, their cans are upside down and that the process of filling and sealing the cans makes it impossible for a mouse or anything other foreign object to get inside.

Hopefully, everything will get sorted out once the lawsuit goes to court. Monster Beverage Co. believes that Vitaliy Sulzhik probably just drank a portion of the energy drink then left his can open in his car, during the time Vitaliy was away from his can, the mouse probably got into the can and died.

What do you think happened? Do you think Vitaliy Sulzhik’s Monster lawsuit is really just a mouse shakedown?

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