Monstrous Tracy Morgan Dumps Kidney Donor Girlfriend for Hotter Chick

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Comedian Tracy Morgan is hardly the funny, lovable guy he presents to the world. The man is obviously a monster. Just ask his ex-girlfriend Tanisha whom he first kicked to the curb in October.

It all started when Morgan was diagnosed with diabetes. According to Media Take Out, the 30 Rock star refused to take his disease seriously, and he continued to live a “reckless” lifestyle. The result was that he soon destroyed his kidneys. Ironically, the person who came to his rescue was none other than Tanisha who was, for some unfathomable reason, still in love with him.

“Tracy and her [sic] had broken up in October, and she wanted to get back together with him,” claims an inside source. “I won’t say that that’s the only reason she gave him the kidney, but it was a major factor.”

Yes, Tanisha bravely underwent major surgery to have one of her kidneys removed, so that Tracy Morgan wouldn’t have to spend the rest of his life undergoing dialysis treatments. Or die. Tracey received Tanisha’s kidney on December 18, 2010–“less than two months from the date they separated.”

Fortunately, Tanisha survived the surgery and is doing well. Unfortunately, her sacrifice didn’t endear her to Morgan as much as she’d hoped. Apparently, she “needed to give Tracy more than just a kidney for him to get back with her.”

Whatever that “something more” might have been is doomed to remain a mystery. Soon after the surgery, Morgan and his healthy, new, life-saving kidney moved on to another girlfriend. Or as the insider put it: 

“Tracy thanked her and he’s paying [her hospital] bills. But he’s not interested in getting back with her.”

Her hospital bills? Gee, that was big of him. 

Tracy Morgan is a monster. End of story.

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