Montana Fishburne’s Playboy Photos Released – Chippy D in High Demand

“Playboy” has released a string of nude Montana Fishburne photos. The “Playboy” photos of Montana Fishburne can be found on their website and show two very interestingly placed tattoos on Chippy D’s body.

According to Associated Content, Montana Fishburne has taken an additional step to seek fame; following the steps of her idol, Kim Kardashian, Montana Fishburne or Chippy D as she is called in the porn business has now posed for “Playboy” as well. “Playboy” has released a string of beautiful and very naked photos of Chippy D.

College News states The “Playboy” photos are set to be released within the same time frame as Montana Fishburne’s porn tape. Since the “Playboy” photos are now available, fans should expect Vivid Entertainment to soon release Fishburne’s porn tape.

News Provider reports that Chippy D’s movie star father, Laurence Fishburne, is footing the bill for her legal problems since Montana was recently arrested on charges she beat up her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Laurence Fishburne has reportedly stopped talking to his daughter because of Montana’s porn tape and “Playboy” photo shoot.

Even though “Playboy” is the most respected of all the “smut” magazines, it’s not difficult to understand why a father would not want his daughter to pose nude for them. As beautiful as the “Playboy” photos are, Laurence Fishburne will most likely never be happy about them. Montana’s photos are available on the “Playboy” website.

This looks like the case of a no body wanting to be a somebody so badly they would sell their soul to the devil for 15 minutes of fame. It’s a shame that Laurence Fishburne has honed his acting over decades to become on of America’s most respected A-list movie stars only to have his daughter, Montana, embarrass him and herself by her desire to be a movie star of a different sort.

To watch a video interview with Montana Fishburne and another porn star about her upcoming porn tape, visit SF Gate.



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