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Good morning,

Hope no one had more snow than us, just a few inches, and melted off streets and parking lot already.


Lets play cowboys and Native Americans today.

We need at least one Native American.

We need at least one cowboy.

We need a Saloon Gal.

We need the Prairie Dog Saloon.

We need a twist to give it flavor.

Using those ingredients, anything goes.

Don’t forget to flag if you go ‘that’ way.



“Why Charlie, ya know that cattle drive will come through town in the next coupla days, better stock up a lot a the cheap stuff.” Sally looked at the barer than usual shelves behind the bar.

“Yore b’hind time, already got it in the lock room.” Charlie gave the old dilapidated bar a slap with his rag.

Mike, the town drunk was nursing a beer in the corner looking amused.

The sheriff entered. “Why Charlie, how come ya got no booze back there, ya know the drive comes through this week?”

“Yep, n I got it locked up so we WILL have some, n YOU don’t steal n sell it yoreself!” Charlie replied.

“what, ya accusin me o stealin!?” the sherif growled. “Yeah, I am.” Charlie replied.

Just then, the three brothers from the Cherokee village to the east entered.

Charlie looked at them. “Yuh can see we er almost outta supplies. Two drinks a piece n be gone!”

They looked at the sheriff. He just shrugged. “He got it locked up somewhere. Nothin I can do.”

The brothers shrugged back and left. “Goin to tell the drive captain there ain’t no booze here.” The oldest remarked as they left.

For some reason, the drive avoided that town that year. Only a few cowboys stipped for drinks. The whole town suffered.

The bar keep never tried that again.

Sharon Pribble


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