(MonWe, 1/13/14, Words with Many Meanings): A Break in the Road

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A Break in the Road


Eric heard the dog bark as he chopped at the bark of the old tree limb. It felt good to swing the ax after getting his cast off, to wear his felt lined coat and do hard work in the fresh fall air.

It had been a stupid accident, one slip and a fall and then he heard the bone break in his arm. He remembered the pain jam up his limb and then nothing. He woke up in the hospital with a fractured arm and on the invalid list. And then things went from bad to worse.

Being cooped up made him bad tempered; both he and his wife needed this small break. Too much togetherness these past few weeks led them to air some long simmering grievances, and occasionally they cast good sense to the wind. So he went out today to work off some aggravation.

Remembering the frustration, he swung the ax with gusto, and with a crack, the tree branch fell. Eric stepped back in satisfaction.

“Time for lunch.” He sat down on a patch of grass, rubbing his back, and took his honey and jam sandwich out of its paper sack. A note came out with the food. He saw his wife’s handwriting.


I just wanted to say sorry, for all the arguments and especially that crack I made about your mother. I know you’re sorry, too. So I say we just stamp the past weeks as invalid and wrap them up in forgiveness.

Love, Bonnie.

Eric smiled. Things seemed a bit brighter now.

He finished his lunch, and tramped off home, whistling. As he entered the door, he heard his wife’s voice.

“Honey, is that you? Do you want to go to that new movie, tonight? I hear it has a great cast.”

He grinned. “Sounds perfect.”


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