MonWe, 1/27/14. Dream on Monday: Dreamscape Prompt – “Remembering Smiling Faces”

Remembering Smiling Faces

by Heather L Campbell

January 29, 2014


I was walking and came upon a wide stone bridge…. The water was sparkling blue that flowed underneath. The gurgling sounds were soothing to my soul. I could hear birds chirping happily. I crossed over onto the path on the other side. I walked through the wooded area and saw that it lead to an opening. There were beautiful benches and an array of all kinds of flowers. They were in full bloom in all different colors. What a wonderful aroma this beautiful garden had!


I felt so tired, so I sat down on one of the benches and closed my eyes. I would only rest them for a little while I thought. The gentle breeze caressed me and I felt so comfortable. It was a very peaceful place. Although I had never remembered finding this wonderful garden before on other walks, it was a joy to find.. Deep in my soul I knew I was safe.


After I closed my eyes I remembered when I was a child and the happiest times of my life. Then my memories  progressed and went through all my years. I remembered all the  Smiling faces… The faces of those who I loved and held so dear. I could feel tears trickle down my face and I knew it was a mixture of sadness and happiness at the same time. Those other memories that had plagued me for a long time in my life, what they said were night terrors did not surface at all. Oh how wonderful it was to revist the happy times and not the terrifying times.

I felt totally at peace… and drifted off into a deep sleep. When I awoke there was a young man sitting next to me on the bench.

Are you ready now to go with me?” he asked and placed his hand on mine and smiled.

I looked down at his hands… the scars confirmed who he was.

Yes,” I answered as my heart increasingly filled with joy. “Yes, I am ready to go with you.”

We rose hand in hand and he led me through the garden… and I knew everything would be okay.


A few minutes later…


Two women came into the hospital room.

Oh dear, I think she is gone,” said the nurse to the technician.

She checked for a pulse and then pulled out her stethoscope.

She is indeed.” the technician concurred.

Then the nurse commented, “She has such a peaceful look on her face.”


MonWe, 1/27/14. Dream on Monday – Dreamscape Prompt

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