Moon UFO Filmed by Buzz Aldrin? (Video)

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Did Buzz Aldrin film a UFO zooming past Apollo 11 as it left the Moon? That’s what a YouTube video claims.

In it, a film of the ascent from the lunar surface in 1969 is shot out the LEM portal, supposedly by Buzz Aldrin. Suddenly, a white, orb-like object appears and begins to outpace the spacecraft. It’s not very large, but is circular and moving very fast. It’s quite luminous in relation to the darkened background, so is well defined.

But it doesn’t look like any known spacecraft. It actually looks more like debris, possibly from the lunar lander itself. Except for its unusual movement.

Any particles flaking off the ship would, presumably, travel at the same speed, not faster than the ship. And, at the last moment in this clip, the UFO seems to flatten out its trajectory and zip away in a different direction.

The video poster claims the object disappears in a flash of light, but that’s not as evident. What is strange is how the unidentified flying object moves in a very unusual, unexpected manner.

So, what is it?

Here’s the video:

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