More ‘Ancient Ruins’ Found on Mars (Video)

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Through extensive studying of NASA and JPL images of Mars, more examples of what appear to be ancient ruins of a Martian civilization have been discovered.

Going way beyond the famous “Face On Mars” photo which gained worldwide attention in the days before Martian orbiters and the Internet, these new examples make a strong case that an ancient, now extinct civilization may have carved the Martian landscape with images meant to be seen from the sky.

Many more “faces” have popped up, mostly explainable by the random forces of erosion. But a few of the images, like this one, recall the mysterious Nazca Lines sculptures which have excited the minds of true believers of extraterrestrial life here on Earth for decades.

Now that the entire surface of Mars has been mapped, an army of researchers are poring over the images, looking for signs of aliens in the pursuit to explain supernatural phenomenon like UFO origins and the seeds of humanity.

This video is the most extensive compilation yet of the anomalous shapes which dot the surface of the Red Planet. Some of these startling configurations defy explanation other than that of an ancient Martian society just as obsessed with connecting to other life forms in the universe as humanity was and still is.

Here’s the video:

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