More Birther Madness; But Obama Is Related to Nearly Every President in History

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More birther madness is in the news now that Orly Taitz has managed to find some wackadoo judge to entertain her fantasies. You know, the one about POTUS Barack Obama not being a United States citizen? Yeah, that’s still going on in the heads of some.

Anyway, birther “queen” Orly Taitz has finally found someone who shares her far-out fantasies of a 40+ year conspiracy to implant a Kenyan into the White House.

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Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Obama was planted here over 40 years ago and everyone was in on it. Orly knows, right? You see, even the birth announcement was purposely planted in the newspaper in Honolulu to announce Obama’s birth. Because for some reason, the plotters of this conspiracy felt that it would throw people off their tracks? These conspirators even planted classmates to pretend to have known Obama his whole life.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now. That was all sarcasm. It’s absolutely ridiculous to believe that President Barack Obama isn’t a United States citizen. There are massive loads of proof of his citizenship, and these birther geniuses are grasping desperately for any way to prove him as not worthy of being president. It’s getting old. It’s ridiculous.

Obama is related to nearly every president the United States has ever had

A 12-year old girl did something that historians have never managed to do. She traced president Barack Obama’s ancestry all the way back to King John of England. He is also related to every president the United States has ever had in its history, except for one.

Given that president Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii (uhm.. that’s the United States), and is blood-related to nearly every president this nation has had, wouldn’t that make him pretty damn American? How many “citizens” who are insisting he’s not an “American” are related to most of the presidents? Certainly not Orly Taitz, she oozed over here from the Soviet Union and took advantage of all the benefits she could (marrying people with enough money to support her, as is the American dream to women of her ilk). Even her “law degree” was never obtained in an actual law school. It’s not accredited.

Anyway, knowing what kind of individual Taitz is, she’ll probably disregard that her President is more American than she is, and that’s a shame. However, she’s no stranger to being a laughing stock. Most of her legal filings have been declined with no discussion. She’s also not only made crazy claims about Obama, but she, at one point, insisted that Baxter International has developed a vaccine for bird flu that kills those who are vaccinated. Silly woman.

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