More Emotions Than I Can Handle.

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I never realized that house hunting was soooo emotional.

You think you’ve found the perfect house, put in an offer, it gets accepted, then the house doesn’t pass FHA, then you’re back to looking after loosing the house you loved, then you see another house that looks even better then the last…..and here we are….

Yes, Justin and I are seeing another house tomorrow. Actually it’s the house I originally wanted before all this hunting, but when I emailed the agent to see if it was even available, she told me it already had an offer, so I left it alone. Well, our agent emailed us this house earlier and said “hey you guys wanna go see it? it has an offer, but the bank doesn’t like it, so it wasn’t accepted.” So IMMEDIATELY I said “yes! we’d love to see it! How about tomorrow!?” So our agent set up the showing!

So we are going to see my original favorite tomorrow :-) I’m so excited……more so then I was with the last house we thought would work. But with that excitement also comes worry, anxiety, nervousness, and being scared of loosing it. I’m hoping if we offer better then the other people, we will get it though. Hoping…….

Anyway, the house is a 4 bed, 2 bath remodeled farmhouse in the little town of Fowlerville, Michigan. It’s a little over 1700 sq ft, .20 sized lot (all fenced) and is listed at $65,000 with a two year warranty thrown in with whatever deal is made on the property.

So here we go again!!! We’re taking Justin’s mom and I believe sister with us tomorrow, just to get their opinion, too. So I’m hoping it will be a trip and showing worth while……I don’t know how much more I can take of this rejection and loss…..

It’s definitely taking a toll on me now…..


Wish us luck!

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