More “Hurt Locker” Controversy–Multi-million Dollar Lawsuit

It seems that whenever a book or movie makes a lot of money, someone is there to sue the author or filmmaker for a boatload of cash.

Master Sergeant Jeffrey Sarver is suing the makers of “The Hurt Locker”, claiming that the film is about him and his experiences in Iraq.  He also claims that he coined the phrase “hurt locker” and that the filmmakers cheated him out of “financial participation”. 

Granted the screenwriter, Mark Boal, was embedded with an Army unit while writing his original article, but there is no proof that the story is based on Sarver.  It seems that the movie is typical of the experience of many soldiers who served(and are still serving)in Iraq. 

It seems a little silly to claim ownership of military slang.  If he did come up with the phrase, does he charge his fellow soldiers a royalty to use it?  Did anyone sue the makers of “Jarheads” because they thought they owned the phrase?

I don’t want to make light of any soldier’s experience serving our country, but this lawsuit seems to be motivated out of pure greed.

Do you think the lawsuit is valid?


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