More Movie Reboots Are Planned For the Future

It’s sad that in a country with a wealth of talented writers, Hollywood seems intent on doing little more than rebooting the same stories over and over. Several such movie reboots are in the works. Here are a few of them.

Patrick Lussier is coordinating the reboot of one of the scariest films ever made — Hellraiser. Plans are for Ted Farmer of Drive 3 fame to pen the screenplay.
However, fans of the original film are none too excited about the reboot. They
fear that horror writer, Clive Barker’s, substance will get pushed aside in
favor of even more blood and gore.

A remake of one of suspense master Alfred Hitchcock’s films, The Birds, is already in the works. Produced by Michael Bay and directed by Dennis Iliades, the film will star Naomi Watts. Plans are to ramp up the horror with an R-rating, but more that doesn’t automatically equate to better filmmaking or even more scares.

The remake of Red Dawn has been in the works for several years. However, Chris Hemsworth and co-stars will head to the big screen just before Election Day 2012. The film was originally to depict the United States being taken over by China. However, to prevent angering the country that holds most this country’s debt, the enemy has changed. The watered down version may lose much of its intended punch.

Cleopatra is another film remake that’s been bandied about for years However, it seems that director, David Fincher, and Hollywood beauty, Angelina Jolie, may make the movie happen. Eric Roth, who wrote the script for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is doing the re-write. The film will focus on Cleopartra the politician and not the Egyptian temptress.

Frankenstein will get a new reboot from Guillermo Del Toro. To make sure the film stands on its own, however, he’s the monster in different situations than explored before. Unfortunately, little else is known about the film at this time.

Another monster — Godzilla — is getting a reboot too. However, outside of naming the director, Gareth Edwards, little more is known about this film too. Certainly, no one can do worse than the ’90s version, which failed to please almost everyone.

The new Poltergeist script comes from David Lindsay-Abaire, of Rabbit Hole fame. This is one film that will be difficult to top. The original is a classic with nearly pitch-perfection. It will be hard to strike magic between writing, directing and acting a second time.

Darren Aronofsky heads up the RoboCop remake. While early reports named Michael Fassbender in the lead role, things have changed. Two other names are under consideration. The first is Dexter’s Michael C. Hall. The second is none other than the new Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk, Chris Pine. In any case, this is a film that didn’t seem to cry remake to begin with.

There are few other film reboots in the works as well. They include the following: Barberella, Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Dirty Dozen, Fantastic Voyage, Highlander, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Porkys, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Shadow and dozens more.

Which reboots are you anxious to see and which movies do you think stand alone?

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