More Oscar Winning (and Nominated) gender Benders.

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  A past winner (for a debut performance) who's fans were much irked when their idol's "masterwork" (centering on a masquerade as a member of the opposite sex) was denied any major Oscar nominations.

Future Sci-Fi Icon, (and Oscar Winner) who first caught major attention my playing multiple characters (some of the opposite sex) in a dark comedy…

 Talent known for wild comedy turns, alternating with a few wobbly tearjerkers, and a very popular turn in drag, before going ultra dramatic and finally snagging an Oscar.

 Method artist who was both frighteningly good ( and just a little bit frightening) in a dress in a lightweight (but very intelligent) comedy.

 Double Winner who donned dresses for his big break (in tv) before earning great acclaim in both comedies and dramas…

Intense nominee who seemed"out of this world" in more ways than one while doing a very weird cameo in an odd supernatural romance (starring this talent's life partner at the time of filming).

Future double winner who began career as heart stopping child actor whose beauty was twice defiled by horrible haircuts….one of which was given in the film that made this talent a major name.

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