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Dancing DragonSorry that all you are getting are photos right now, but as I said, I have a 2,000 word story due by Monday morning, New Zealand time. I did manage to spend some time zipping around Penang on a moped (no water buffaloes around these parts) and I visited a few pretty interesting sights. A went back to the Tamil Temple, this time I went around to the front. The photos are pretty nice, especially with my new lens, which allows me to get some nice close ups. I also visited a Cantonese House and took lots of people photos. The zoom lens allows me to take great shots without it being so damned obvious I am taking a photo of the person. And I shot a few more silly signs.

Here are some of the shots I like the most:


Chinese Temple Guardian.

Another Temple Guardian.

An old man.

Another old man.

An Osama bin Laden look alike. (And this is not my label, this is what the locals call him.)

Finally, this Tri-shaw. Just a nice look.

You can see them all here.

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