More than 250 Leads in Holly Bobo Case; Brother is Now a Suspect

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As the search continues for the 20-year-old missing Holly Bobo in Tennessee, investigators are combing through a staggering number of leads. They are also asking for the community to help as much as possible by giving any information they may have that can lead to finding her. They are also asking for volunteers to help search for her in the west Tennessee region.

Sources are reporting that they have discovered more than 250 leads in the case of Holly Bobo, who has been missing for nearly a week. Reports have been misconstrued several times with stories changing. First, her brother allegedly claimed to have seen the girl dragged away from their home by a man in camouflage hunting gear. Later, the stories released by news outlets reported that he saw her walk away with the man willingly. It wasn’t until he discovered blood in her car that the police was called to alert to a potential kidnapping.

According to Fox News, her brother and ex-boyfriend were originally cleared of charges. However, this is no longer the case and they are being investigated. This brings to light the suspicions held all along by a lot of different people who find it strange that a man would witness his young, petite sister being led away by a strange man. The story doesn’t add up, and thankfully the police are onto the scent.

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