More UFO Sightings Accompanied by Strange Sounds Worldwide (Video)

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Most UFO sightings over the last 60-plus years have either been reported with photographs, or, more increasingly by video and film. But recently, sightings have included strange sounds as well.

Obviously, there is no audio track on a photograph. And many filmed sightings from the 50s onward were caught on film without an audio track. It’s only been since the explosion of personal, digital videography that microphones have been more readily available.

However, most recent UFO sightings caught on video have been of unidentified flying objects silently floating or zooming away in the sky above, usually too far away to record any sounds the objects might be making.

That’s changing.

A recent phenomenon pervading UFO sightings is the accompaniment of loud, unusual noises and machine-like sounds which are being attributed to the objects themselves. The video attached below is the most recent, and one of the best examples of this new trend.

Filmed at night in a small Scottish village by Duncan Taylor, the video shows a blurry object floating in the distant nighttime sky. Not unusual in itself, but the focus of this video is the audio track. Taylor notes that he’s never heard this sound before and rules out any kind of local emergency broadcasting audio or that of a motor vehicle.

What makes this video doubly intriguing are the numerous comments following the video in which others claim they’ve heard the exact same, unusual and unknown noise accompanying UFO sightings, whether they were able to record them on video or not. And not just in Scotland, but in many other far-flung locales around the world.

So what’s going on here? Is it possible that this video manages to capture not only a UFO, but the sounds it makes?

Here’s the video. A word of warning though; turn down the volume before viewing it. It’s loud. And very annoying.

What do you think? Is this the sound of a UFO? Or is it some kind of man-made noise?

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