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Wednesday, January 07, 2009 

Mykul's follow up 2
Current mood:Missing my Husband


We started off the morning with Mykul going to see the Orthopedic Surgeon.

Once The Docter came in too see him, he decided that he needed to be admitted.

Mykul is now waiting to undergo a steriod treatment, that they are hoping will reduced the inflimation. Now if this dosent work (it will work withing 48 hours, if it works at all) he will be going in for surgery possibly Thursday, if not tomarrow.

……….I think once he comes home I should rent a bounce house for him…….



Wednesday, January 07, 2009 

Mykuls Follow up 3
Current mood:Still worried about my husband


Last night was a mess, Mykul couldnt sleep at all. They added more pain meds. My husband is now on a Dilaudin Drip, a oxicoten tab time release every 12 hours and Roxicoden immediate release.

He will fade out for 10 mins at a time and then wake right back up. The pain is still there and from what he says its only getting worse.

Pain Services came in this morning to speak with him about this steriode treatment. From what they explained, typically this treatment takes 4 – 6 weeks to take full effect.. This is time we dont have.

So they called his docter and spoke with his assistant. All agreeing that immediate surgery is the best solution.

We dont know when the surgery will be: It could be as soon as today, and as late as this weekend.

In the mean time we are all hoping for the best. And missing the hell out of him.

I think it may be time to cancle the bounce house……………. lol

Friday, January 09, 2009 

Mykuls update 4
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The past couple of days have been too long!
Some things that have happened: Mykul spoke with the surgin. he explained that in order to effectively have this surgery he needed to quit smoking, and could never smoke again. If he did it would cause some kind of infection and he would have to go threw this all over again. (What kinda of infection you ask? I have no idea, i wasnt there when the surgin came, I assume the reason is for circulation)
Now with this absest being the starting point off all his pain the docters wanted to run an MRI to make sure there was so infection in the brain. they tried to run one on Wednesday night, but they didnt sedate him and it was so painful for him they pulled him out. To leave us waiting to retry it again yesturday.
This time they said they were going to sedate him, they contacted the anesthesiologist and took him down.
He had the MRI, but said he was still kinda alert, and when he came out of the MRI his pain had gone back up to a 10.
Now this morning the MRI is looking clean, which means they should  be preping him for surgery, and will continue with the surgery plans for tomarrow.
And btw – he is working on day 5 of no smoking!



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