Morgan Freeman: Man of the Universe

Morgan Freeman has been among a handful of esteemed actors who have portrayed God, and advertisers certainly find his vocal intonation divine, but the actor himself has no delusions of grandeur about his giftedness, and chooses to focus on the heavens in a different light. Saying his voice is something he never regarded, but rather “just the thing I use to communicate with,” he explained to Charlie Rose. The Oscar winner further detailed how it was a mistake “to equate the actor with the role,” referring to his portrayals of the Maker, and paying tribute to old friend Christopher Reeve, who gave him such advice after trying to do it all. “One year he played Superman, the next year he tried to be Superman, and it just about ruined him,” remembers Freeman. He has no trouble accepting his lowly human state, but wouldn’t mind immortality.

Freeman hosts the Science Channel’s provocative series, “Through the Wormhole,” referring to the proposed planetary portholes through which interstellar travel is possible. Perhaps it is fitting that a man who embodied the role of the Creator probes some big, mind-blowing questions, such as “Is there a superior race?” Morgan’s answer is no, not on this earth, but perhaps in another spatial realm yet to be encountered. He feels racial questions bother people in the United States because “we claim not to worry about It,” but the acclaimed actor would rather concern himself with longevity in space. Freeman delights in speculation about leaving our solar system, considering the years at current speeds it would take to reach Jupiter, but if eternal life is possible in space, “I wanna go,” is his immediate and enthusiastic response. It would be easy to imagine, between his omnipresent voice and enthusiastic interest, that Morgan Freeman has always been enamored of science, but he protests that he never passed a “science” test or class. “It was physics that galvanized it for me,” he asserts. Who says great learners aren’t born in their latter years? Go right on dreaming, and living, on this planet or another, Mr. Freeman!

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