Morgan Freeman Thinks the Tea Party is Racist

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Morgan Freeman thinks the tea party is racist, and he’s not alone since recent studies have tied Tea Party ideals with cultural and racial issues. It’s interesting to hear a Hollywood actor express their political views anytime it’s done because of what it entails.

Certainly people who support tea party “ethics” are going to jump all over Morgan Freeman for his comments. People of the radically conservative viewpoint often side against anyone in Hollywood and some flat-out despise celebrities who share their political ideas. It’s obviously because these people have the ability to speak to millions of fans and sway opinions on where and how to vote; but isn’t that what pundits on Fox News and assorted radio shows do too?

It’s refreshing when a celebrity speaks out about their true feelings because it shows that they’re true to their convictions, even if it means losing some fans. It shows that they actually have opinions and ideas; and Morgan Freeman is one of those highly intelligent people in Hollywood that is known for far more than just his acting.

Do you think the tea party is a racist movement? As stated before, cleverly compiled polls have recently indicated that the racial undertones of the tea party are definitely apparent. Morgan Freeman isn’t alone in feeling a bit disgusted in this dark side of America, and the people who share the mentalities that a black man shouldn’t hold office. Like others, Freeman feels that the whole objective is to remove Obama from the office and “to hell with” the American people.

He’s kind of right. That’s why the GOP has been referred to as the “party of no” for the past couple of years; and it’s apparent as to why they’ve been this way. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see the reactions when Obama is elected for his second term.


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