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She had managed to get out
and met you by the pond

where you had been waiting
and the morning air was fresh

and the birds were in song
and the flowers around the pond

were colourful
and she sat beside you

and said
Had to sneak out

the back way
before my mother

gave me chores
and anyway

it’s too nice a day
to be stuck indoors

and she looked at you
and smiled her bright smile

and you said
Glad you came

don’t like being here
unless you’re with me

it reminds me of you
this place

us being here together
and she said

Remember that time
we were here

and the rain came down
and we got drenched

and had to run to the barn
and shelter

and we were warm
and looked at each other

and then she stopped
and looked at the pond

and at the ducks there
and the bright morning sky

and you said
Yes that was a time to remember

and do you remember
that mouse that ran over your leg

and you screamed
and it echoed

around the barn
as if you were being murdered

and she laughed
and put her head

on your shoulder
and said

I can’t help it
if mice frighten me

and you sensed her head
against you

and wanted that moment
like all moments with her

never to end
but some how

to always to be there
memories and moments

and feelings
and the ducks

and the smell
of the morning air

always to be in my mind
and always to be there.


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