Morning smoothies

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We’ve been making a lot of fruit smoothies lately and using all kinds of fruit combinations.  Sometimes I add a tablespoon of honey.

I like to peel the bananas and cut them in slices then freeze in small plastic bags.  Same with strawberries.  This helps make the drink thicker and frothier.  We keep several bags of the cut fruit ready for use at any time.

Papaya, banana, strawberries and cranberry or apple juice

Papaya, banana, blueberries, and cranberry or apple juice

Banana, watermelon, strawberries and cranberry or apple juice


Smoothie 1

The one this morning was specially good…

Papaya, banana, orange juice and frozen cubes of Rangpur limes and a touch of honey…topped with a Peep!

For info on Rangpur limes see below…

Smoothie 2

Rangpur limes aren’t really limes… they look a bit like an orange but are pleasingly sour.  I love using them in cooking, or frozen into ice cube trays to add to iced tea or drinks like the smoothie above!


The tree by our driveway is gifting us this year…This is the first time we have had 6 fruit on it at one time.  We’re taking good advantage of them!


Rangpur Limes sm



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