Morsi Adviser Resigns: Muslim Brotherhood Tries to Take Over Egypt Judicial Branch

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A top adviser says the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt “has monopolized decision-making and encroached on the governing of the country.” Mohammed Fouad Gadallah resigned his post as President Mohammed Morsi’s legal adviser, writing his concerns in a three-page resignation letter.

The Washington Post reports that the adviser “brought the harshest criticism yet from inside the presidency.” Morsi, for his part, denies that the Islamist group has any influence on “decision-making,” which is quite unbelievable.

Egyptians have been warning that Morsi is “no friend” to the United States and many feel that “extremist interpretation” of Islam is being “forced down their throats.” The problems have been escalating between the Brotherhood and the judiciary branch of the Egyptian government, which is apparently the one branch that has not been “dominated” by the Islamists.

This will likely change, as the parliament on Wednesday “pushed ahead with a law that could force into retirement many of the nation’s most senior judges, despite an uproar by the judiciary over fears the president’s allies want to control the courts.” It is hard to imagine that Egypt will take the news kindly, as there has been ongoing unrest in the country in the wake of the overthrow of previous president, Hosni Mubarak.

It is likely that Mohammed Fouad Gadallah’s replacement will be more “tolerant” of the Muslim Brotherhood, which “openly scorns the existence of the Jewish state,” as reported by Israel National News and has “solid control of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya.” It is amazing that the Arab Spring was hailed by so many as a rebirth for many nations in the Middle East. Not so much.

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