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Updated Nov 15, 2011 This is a photo tutorial – if you ever wanted to mosaic an old or new table, check out this easy, quick and most of all really fun little project!

Pretty and practical – a glass tile, mosaic table top. Would you believe it took me only 30 minutes to complete – including the grouting!

The secret? A new product I found at Lowes called Bondera. So you might call this a product review too – this Bondera tile mat deserves ten stars for performance.

It looks fabulous, in fact, it took longer to paint this small plant stand, turned bathroom storage table, then to mosaic the table top, you gotta love that!

Recently I posted about tiling directly over our old formica countertop in the bathroom (yup, you can do that with Bondera) and included a complete step-by step pictorial

Because that article sparked a lot of interest it became the inspiration for a how-to post on creating a mosaic table top using Bondera. You know how it goes with us DIY nuts, I had some tiles left over and before I knew it, I was into creating a mosaic table top

… literally on the fly. The best part, it matches the new bathroom countertop.

Here are the project photos

with a few tips alongside …

I chose to do a center square for added interest.

Any old tables are great candidates for this easy and quick project. I know there will be similar projects in my future, like a narrow, but long console table that could use some design intervention:)

Gotta have a place to stash those necessities …

 The figurine is a hand made ceramic piece by my artist friend Lydia,

a perfect resting place for my treasures.


Bondera  is basically a commercial grade peel and stick tile mat on a roll, which can then be grouted immediately - really, no waiting – just like any other tile or mosaic job. A lot less messy and certainly a lot faster. As of this writing Bondera is available only at Lowes and on-line.

BTW – it’s been over two months since I did this project and as you can see in the pictures I took today – it’s holding up beautifully.

Here is the link to my detailed pictorial on how to tile over a formica countertop.

It is exactly the same easy process, regardless, whether you use it on your kitchen countertop or as a back-splash in the kitchen.

Ever thought about creating an artistic mural on your wall?

Go ahead and play - have fun creating this simple little mosaic tabletop.





Bondera Tile Mat (the box should say suitable for countertops),

Blue painters tape – I used 3 M – for a nice clean edge

Scissors or utility knife to cut the mat

Measuring tape and marker

Tile and grout and table of your choice


Here is an overview on

How I did it:

I suggest you lay out your tile and do any cutting before you begin your project. I did not have to cut any tiles. For a really small project like this – roughly 10-12 inches square – I’d say go ahead and mix up your grout before you even cut the tile mat.

Step one: Clean and dry surface

Step two: Cut a piece of bondera tile mat to fit your table top – peel off the bottom layer and stick to your table top.

Step three: I used 3 inch blue painters tape around all four sides where I wanted the tiles to end. Keeps your job tidy and keeps your edges straight.

Step four: You are ready to peel off the top layer and place your mosaic tiles. I used glass tiles from Lowes.

Step five: Voila – last step – go ahead and grout immediately. No waiting!

Mixing the grout, waiting for it to be ready, applying the grout and then cleaning off the residue is where most of the time went. You could use ready-to-use grout instead, if you are really in a hurry and want minimum mess. But, I hated to spend the extra money, (it costs a lot more), especially since I still had some grout leftover from my countertop project.

Ten stars for Bondera – I love my new mosaic table!

 … and no they didn’t pay me to say that, I’m just a satisfied customer spreading the word, because I’m always delighted to share a good DIY product find.

All images © 2010 Rose Hill

Copyright 2010 © Rose Hill All rights reserved 

Updated Nov 15, 2011 – … and yes, it still looks great! 

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