Mother Abandons Two Newborn Babies Because she is too Poor to Take Care of them!

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In Shawnee Oklahoma, there were two infant babies which were abandoned at a Shawnee Fire Station Saturday morning. The mother wrote a note left with the babies that stated “take care of my babies, I’m poor and can’t do it.”

Such a sad state the mother must have been in. So desperate and devastated to leave her babies for someone else. As a mother I just can’t imagine what state a mother would have to be in to abandon babies. It must be a horrendous place.

Corporal Dan Shumaker of the Shawnee police department stated “The mother or someone did call anonymously and advised us that there were babies in the location that they were found.”

Oklahoma Infant Safe Haven Law allows parents in desperate situations to turn a baby over to the police or fire station if the newborn is up to 7 days old. These babies were apparently only a few hours old when they were dropped off. However, the mother left no identity or her whereabouts. She was probably afraid of repercussion.

The hospital checked the babies out and they are healthy and now they are in custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. This story is so sad for the mother and those babies. I hope they are adopted and loved unconditionally all the days of their life and that they hold no regrets over what their mother did. And I also hope the mother gets the help she needs.

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