Mother Lori David Sent Nude Photos to Son’s Friend (Video)

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Lori David sent nude photos of herself to a 16-year-old friend of her son and the judge has let her walk. The victim’s parents found the nude photos and notified police. The attractive 38-year-old woman faced up to 10 years in jail but the Texas judge let her go with a hand slap.

The attractive blonde mother shook and wept as she faced the judge and was sentenced for her crime. The judge has the two nude photos of Lori David that were retrieved from the 16-year-old boys she had sent them to and his sentence was comparatively mild. Lori is banned from the internet and has to register as a sex offender, but the woman will have a chance at changing her life. The judge had noted her need for physiological help.

It is not hard to believe the judge did a Texas wink when he gave the blonde a 5-year probated sentence and restrictions for sending her nude photos to a kid. If this had been a male sending his nude image to a female aged 16 then the outcome may have been the maximum sentence in jail. In the case of Lori David, the judge apparently felt that lewd photos of an attractive woman to a 16-year-old boy was not worthy of jail time.

Lori could be sent to jail if she violates the conditions of her parole. She can not have kids in her home, stay away from her son’s school and basically stay off the internet except for work. Most of these requirements would be very hard to monitor. One has to wonder how her son felt knowing that his mother had sent lewd nude photos of herself to his friend. Well, at least she is banned from the internet. Nice going, judge.

A Texas mom who sent nude photographs of herself to her friend's 16-year-old son pleaded guilty Friday to online solicitation of a minor.

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