Mother Molested Her 13-year-old Daughters Friends

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A perverse world we live in when our children cannot even visit the homes of their friends without risking molestation.  Of course in this story the children were supplied with alcohol and pot as well, by a parent.

In Chicago Ridge, Illinois, Cathleen Miller is a 40-year-old mother with a 13-year-old daughter.  Cathleen Miller has taken upon herself to host several parties for her daughter and friends that included alcohol and pot.  From what can be deduced from the court documents, it appears the alcohol and pot were to loosen up the four teenage boys who were 14 and 15-years-old to have inappropriate sexual activity with.  This mother is charged with seducing and molesting these boys.  The acts included fondling one boy, having oral sex with another and having intercourse with two of the boys.

Another boy at the party, who was not a victim of Miller, had parents who found out about what was going on at the parties and contacted the police.  It appears that this mother had been having these parties from February to June for her daughter and her friends.

This mother is sick.  She is depraved but what makes this story even more horrific is the fact that there were not only four teenagers that were molested in a variety of manners but her daughter is surely affected.  This child is 13 and has to live with the aftermath of this event.  Her mother is in the news, her mother had sex with teenagers; her own friends, her mother will likely spend time in jail and nothing will be the same in her life.

Then there is the therapy that she needs and may not be able to obtain.  Her friends may be displeased with her because of her mother’s actions.  School may be difficult and her self-esteem may be so low to cause her to suffer even into adulthood.  All because her mother wanted to have some fun, alcohol, drugs and sex with children who were friends of her daughter.

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