Mother of Brutally Slain Girl Angry about Memorabilia Being Sold Online

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The mother of a notoriously known murder victim is irate that Eric Gein of is selling memorabilia belonging to one of the people responsible for murdering the young woman. Her name is May Martinez, and in 1995 her daughter, Colleen Slemmer, was ritualistically murdered by a woman named Christa Gail Pike and some friends. In fact, this case is one of America’s most notorious murder cases as well as one of Tennessee’s most gruesome. It’s archived on TruTv’s website and has had several books written about it. Many people have capitalized off of the murder of Colleen Slemmer, so how is Eric Gein any different?

Christa Gail Pike in a 2009 photo. (Tennessee Department of Correction) Apparently, the mother of Colleen Slemmer is enraged that Christa Pike has sent items to Eric Gein, items that he has sold. He reportedly lives five miles away from the mourning woman, and she believes he is “counting the cash” off of her daughter’s murder. Items being sold that belong to Christa Gail Pike include greeting cards, graphic letters, and even some of her panties.

Folks, while it’s easy to understand that May Martinez is suffering over the pain of losing her daughter, this is capitalism at its finest. Eric Gein hasn’t done anything wrong, and it’s not really known entirely whether Christa Pike has actually received money for the items she’s mailed to him. She’s on death row. She’s going to die. That’s really all that matters.

Although it may not be highly in demand, people do seek out these memorabilia items so Eric Gein is providing a legal service, nothing more.

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