Mother of Dismembered Baby on Trial

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After a dismembered infant was discovered along a burn pile in Union City, North Carolina, a couple of years ago, people were shocked to hear that the child’s own mother was responsible. It appeared as though she didn’t want to be a mother.

The murder trial of Erica Denise Kelly began this morning after prosecutors have taken since 2009 to prepare their case. This seems a lot like the lengthiness of the Casey Anthony murder trial, although it is suspected with great proof that Erica Kelly murdered her child. Back in 2009, the child was discovered in the front yard, about 30 feet from the front door. The infant’s body was found by the homeowners who were in the process of moving Erica Kelly and her boyfriend onto the property. It was a mystery at the time, and nobody knew where the child had come from. Erica was on the property when the infant was found and also denied knowledge of the dismembered body. The idiot must not have had any knowledge of science because she willingly gave a DNA sample to police after denying knowing anything about the baby.

A few days later, the DNA results were in, and Erica Denise Kelly was arrested for murder and concealing the birth of a child. She had fooled everyone around her. Nobody knew she was pregnant, including the boyfriend with which she was residing. At the time of discovery, it was believed that the partially burned infant had suffered deformities and abnormalities in development. However, it was later discovered that this newborn infant had two of her limbs severed. Erica Denise Kelly gave birth to the child and dismembered it before tossing it out by a fire pit—a sloppy and idiotic disposal of a helpless, innocent life.

Police believe that the child lived for a few hours in this state before she died and was discovered by the owners of the property.

Not many details have been released regarding the accused murderer’s court date or how she pleaded. Hopefully she womaned-up and admitted to the crime, since nobody around her even knew she was pregnant. Nobody had anything to gain from this but Erica Kelly, who hid her pregnancy from everyone who knew her, including her own family.

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