Motley Crue: Don’t Buy Tickets to Fake Concert

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Fans of rock band Motley Crue are being told to be cautious as false reports have been issued stating they will be performing a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, next month. The band does not have any immediate plans to visit the capital city of Indonesia despite local reports regarding an upcoming show. They are concerned that someone may be attempting a ticket sales scam, so don’t buy tickets if you see them advertised for this non-existent show!

According to KOIN, the heavy metal band’s website includes a statement that reads, “Legendary rock titans Motley Crue have no scheduled concerts anywhere in Indonesia. The band distances itself from any such announcements, as no agreements for a show at Pantai Karnival in Jakarta or anywhere else in the country were ever made. Motley Crue advises its fans that any concert rumors are false, and to be wary of any vendors advertising ticket sales.”

Motley Crue doesn’t want to be held liable for the possible scam, so this statement helps prevent any liability on their end. Of course, if tickets are sold, then hopefully it can lead to an arrest of those attempting to profit off of the band’s name.

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