Mouth Breathing Harmful to Health of Children – Can Cause Their Faces to Change

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Yes folks, mouth breathing is harmful to the health of a child. It’s not just irritating, mouth breathing actually causes a lack of oxygen to the blood. That in turn causes all sorts of problems. During the cold and flu season, there are plenty of mouth breathers out and about.

File:Pharynx (PSF).pngHowever, mouth breathing once in a while due to a cold or flu is fine. Chronic mouth breathers, children who suffer from allergies and such, are the ones who suffer in the long run. It’s particularly worse for school-age children.

Dr. Yosh Jefferson, a New Jersey functional orthodontist, believes that many school-age children who suffer from health and behavioral problems suffer from having to breathe through their mouth.

He stated, “Just think of the child. How do you think theyÂ’re doing in school? These kids are tired, theyÂ’re irritable, they canÂ’t concentrate in school. And a lot of these kids (may be) diagnosed with ADD and hyperactivity.”

Worse, the faces of mouth breathing children can actually change because of their condition! Jefferson published a report in 2010 stating, “Severe mouth breathers develop what they call long face syndrome — long, narrow faces, very unattractive facial features.”

He added, “Also if their tonsils are swollen, they sometimes position their jaw in weird ways in order to get more oxygen into their bodies. It can happen in adults as well… but itÂ’s more prominent in children.”

Folks, check your children. If they’re breathing through their mouth a lot, perhaps it’s time to make an appointment with a doctor.

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