Move over, Che Guevara! Hitler is the New Fashion Statement!

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Move over, Che! Hitler is the new “Nazi-Chic,” at least in Thailand, where shopkeepers have all sorts of gear from t-shirts to fake mustaches. According to CNN, the trend is not limited to Thailand. In fact, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan have all been a part of the Nazi trend.

Che Guevara, pop icon and anti-American, anti-Semitic, homophobic, and racist murderer, has been gracing t-shirts, posters and couture bags for some time. Many popular celebrities have been spotted sporting his beret-wearing, intense-expressioned visage on their clothing, like Johnny Depp, Carlos Santana, Jay-Z, Madonna and Mike Tyson. In New York, one can find Che Guevara T-shirts right next to Mao Zedong mugs pretty easily.

Teletubby Hitler by Just Des.che_guevara_sw by Der Landvermesser

Kidding aside, the movement is disturbing because it shows a complete lack of understanding of history. Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles noted, “If the Nazis had won the war, Hitler’s racist ideology would have eventually targeted all races he deemed inferior, including Asians.” Just like Che on posters, Mao Zedong on Christmas ornaments or Hitler on T-shirts, idolizing these evil and murderous icons only diminishes the lives of the people impacted by the horror they inflicted on others.

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