Move Over Tyra Banks For ‘The Face’ With Nigel Barker

America’s Next Top Model’s (ANTM) Tyra Banks may regret letting Nigel Barker go. Now he’s churning out his own modeling show with Naomi Campbell.

After years of faithful service to ANTM, Barker got the boot this spring when Tyra decided “to go another direction”. That’s all well and fine for her, but perhaps Nigel took it the wrong way. Or maybe it’s just coincidence that he’s joining ranks with supermodel, Naomi Campbell. Either way, the duo is beginning a new modeling show called The Face. It airs on Oxygen.

Barker will host the show while Naomi joins with fellow models Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha in a mentoring role. The well-seasoned models will work with show contestants to help one of them earn a major modeling gig. That gig will be as the face of major product.

Photo shoots, runway shows and commercial shoots offer elements of competition for all the show’s participants. If that sounds familiar, it should. It’s exactly the kind of thing that takes place on America’s Next Top Model. There is a difference, however. While ANTM contestants are left to figure things out for themselves, Face contestants will have the benefit of their mentor’s knowledge and talents. That’s a major edge.

ANTM has grown dull in the last few cycles. The Face hopes to jazz things up and steal some of the old show’s thunder. That could mean Tyra Banks is on her way out. However, it could also mean that fans will tune in to both shows just to see how they differ.

The Face begins airing next year. There’s no word yet on the exact date, meaning it may or may not go head to head with its competition. Fans will have to wait and see.

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