Movie News: Alf, TV’s Wise-Cracking Alien Is Getting His Own Movie

Alf, the wise-cracking television alien is making movie news. Although he has been off the air for a long time, it looks like he may make a big-screen début.

It seems that Hollywood is devoid of any new ideas for feature films. Tinsel Town’s been churning out tons of movie sequels and reboots. They’ve even resorted to turning to the small-screen for ideas. That’s where one of their latest film projects comes from.

After hitting gold with a reboot of television’s Smurfs, it seems natural that the medium’s favorite alien get an equal turn at super stardom. That’s especially true in light of the caustic teddy bear, Ted’s, movie popularity. Producers are betting the wise-cracking little orange alien will too. After all, the 80’s television figure was pretty big in his day and he still has a lot of fans.

So far, no specifics are known about the film other than puppeteer Paul Fusco, who lent his voice to Alf in the 80’s, will likely do the same once again. No writer’s been set for the script and there is no director at the helm as of yet. The movie is just in the planning stages, which means a lot could go wrong along the way. Still, his fans are hoping the movie news is true and they’ll see him on the big-screen in the very near future.

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