Movie Review: Live Free or Die Hard! (renamed)

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It seems like every day this week, Bruce is the man on TV!  Every other movie seems to have him in it!  I like to have movies on while I do housework or work on the computer and have seen or passed by at least 8 different BW flicks in the last week and a half alone …. there's been a downright WILLIS-MANIA going on!

fileId:3096224744292457;size:inter; I LOVE Bruce Willis and adore his work!  I did go and see the Die Hard 4 movie, but have to still write the review.  I'll make it a quick one and include it here…. no spoilers!  ROFL!  *wipes tears from eyes*  Oooh that was funny!



Live Free or Die Hard ~  A review

John McClain is back!  He's still a cop.  He's still on the outs with his family, thouh in this installment, it's his daughter who's giving him grief.  The bad guy is a really cute cyber-geek of doom with a kick-butt asian girlfriend.  They wreak havoc on the different computer systems of Washington DC to make some sort of point AND steal TONS of electronic money.  Ok…. what's to stop people who get this "virtual" money from just saying "it ain't real and we're not giving you any real stuff for a bunch of computer glitches!"  Kill the money system and we're back to trading chickens, beads and bushels of stuff.  And you can't computerize chickens!  *Ba-kaaw!!*  But that would spoil the movie, so suspend reality!

fileId:3096224744292458;size:inter; The sidekick (and mission) is Justin Long, the actor from Jeepers Creepers and Galaxy Quest  and the Apple guy from the commercials.  He's a "Hacker" extraordinaire who was finagled into being one of many hackers to write programs, unknownst to themselves but knownst to us, to facilitate the Bad Guy Cyber-Geek.  To cover his tracks, BGCG has the hackers snuffed out with exploding hardware.  Live by the net, die by the net! 

fileId:3096224744292460;size:inter;People and stuff explode, get shot, crashed, have elevators dropped on them after getting pummelled and pummelling mercilessy our Good Guy, Johnny.  There are great action sequences and clever quips galore.  One of my fave parts is "Silent Bob" as the Wizard, a Hacker who's so good even Justin's character worships him.  And one of my fave lines is when John is talking to his erstwhile hacker helpers and covers the camera and the BGCG says "John, covering the camera doesn't turn off the microphone!"   LOL

fileId:3096224744292466;size:inter; The action is gritty and looks pretty painful.  John/Bruce shouldn't have any skin left on his butt but for the sake of enjoying great action and stunts, it's cool to suspend disbelief.  The flying and driving was really outrageous and totally unrealistic, but it was fun!

For a good time, lots of action and stuff blowing up with Bruce Willis, definitely go check it out!  Besides, I gotta love a movie that's title is a play on words of New Hampshire's state motto!

There are so many great examples of Bruce's wonderful talent and work! 

So what's your favorite Bruce Willis movie?  

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