Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter

I went to see The Bounty Hunter on Tuesday, and let me tell you: It’s not worth spending any money on. I went for free [[thank goodness!]], but if I didn’t, I’d be trying to get a refund.

The plot of the movie is simple enough. Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) and Milo (Gerard Butler) used to be married, but now they “hate” each other. Nicole, a reporter, skipped out on court because she was covering a story and Milo, a cop turned bounty hunter, is offered $5,000 to bring her to jail.

Several unfunny outtakes occur between the movie setup and the ending credits.

The trouble with the movie is that it’s completely unbelievable. There is no chemistry between Aniston and Butler. You don’t believe for one second that they hate each other — and you believe even less that they were once in love and will [[*spoiler alert*]] be in love at the end. She’s insufferable and he’s apathetic. It’s a terrible combination.

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