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Drama meets comedy in The Kids Are Alright, opening on July 9, 2010. Nic and Jules have raised a great normal family. At least, as normal as any family can be. When their two children decide they want to meet their biological father, neither seem to be able to understand, but make an effort to deal with something, neither wants to be a part of. See Nic and Julia are a lesbian couple, and now that the kids know who their sperm donor, birth father is, they want to not only meet him but also, to have him be a part of all their lives.

42124, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Wednesday June 30 2010. Co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore attend a special screening of The Kids Are Alright at New York's Landmark Sunshine Cinemas. Photograph: Darla Khazei, Per the preview from Trailer Addict, It seems that one of the ladies, takes an interest in the children’s father. This is where I develop a problem with the movie. In any movie involving a lesbian couple, we are doomed to see one of the ladies cheat on her mate with a guy. It doesn’t matter if, according to the story, she hasn’t ever shown any interest in men. For some reason, it seems she has to develop a sudden interest in the leading man. For me, that tends to make the story less interesting. It happened in Chasing Amy and Gigli. Now, The Kids Are Alright, follows in the same fashion. This aspect of the story, could have been left out and I think it would have made the movie much better. They could have used the angle, that the man becomes interested in one or both women, only to be turned down. Instead, it seems that this movie only wants to make out that, being a lesbian might have only been a phase of life, that one of them was going through. Would they have included this in the story, if it had been about two male parents, whose kids wanted to meet their biological mother?

Outside of that problem, The Kids Are Alright seems funny and heartwarming. To see a set of parents sacrificing far beyond their comfort levels, is a storyline that makes for a great movie. Personally, judging from the trailer, I think this movie has the potential to be a Dramedy Blockbuster. Whether a somewhat homophobic American audience, can handle the subject matter, remains to be seen.

The Kids Are Alright is rated R due to, strong sexual content, nudity, language and some teen drug and alcohol abuse.. It stars Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Wasikowska, and Josh Hutcherson. The movie opens Friday July 9,2010.

So will you see The Kids Are Alright? Does the subject matter disturb you? Can American audiences move beyond fear and prejudice? Please leave a comment ,regarding your thoughts, on this film. If you haven’t seen the trailer, I have it below for your viewing pleasure.

Source -  Trailer Addict

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