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Peace and Love


Place your focus on Peace and love,

You will find it within and without;

It will come in the pre-dawn when All things

Are quiet and appear as you’re moving about.


Failure to Love leaves a hole in your Heart,

Pulls a vacuum on your very Soul;

Love might be hard to conceive as It changes

But your thinking is just one part of the whole.


Peace becomes central when war or disaster

Brings forth the need to unite,

When you are tired just please put your arms down;

Greed is envy in a world full of Light.


Why would you hate? You are wasting your Time.

All Humans are part of the Cosmic Design.

Nothing remains but the memories we leave;

You can be anything you can conceive.


Peace moves through volition, actions of will;

Voids are no more than holes to be filled.

Love is one option we always can take;

Life is the record of choices we make.


Place your focus on Peace and Love,

Take a moment to sit with Mind;

Victory sleeps with the Lion and Lamb

And the World is a mere mirror of your design.


                                  Greg Wright

                                          7:32 a.m.

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