MSNBC Anchor Chris Matthews Blames Mitt Romney in Embassy Attacks

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MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews, in the wake of the recent attacks on U.S. embassies across the Middle East, demonstrated his complete dedication to the radical-liberal wing of the Democratic party by actually condemning Mitt Romney. In an embarrassing hissy-fit televised for the few thousand viewers of that disappointingly biased news network, Mr. Matthews whined that “the tragedy of Benghazi that cost Ambassador Stevens his life, unfortunately, has been overshadowed by the desperate reach of Mitt Romney to secure a political advantage.”

And what did Gov. Romney do that could generate such vicious hatred on the part of the normally impartial and subdued Matthews, he dared to criticize the foreign policy of President Barack Obama, mockingly referred to by his critics as “the Anointed One.” The cause of Matthews’ rage was a comment by Romney, referring to the storming and ransacking of the American embassy and the burning of the American flag by a mob of Egyptian street thugs.

In an effort to strike a conciliatory tone in the hours leading up to the attack, the U.S. State Department in Cairo issued a statement that critics claim blamed the United States for provoking Muslim outrage and apologized for any perceived slights. Then, in response to the subsequent overrunning of the American embassy, Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney stated “I think it’s a terrible course for American to stand in apology for our values, that instead when our grounds are being attacked and breached, that the first response of the United States must be outrage…An apology for America’s values is never the right course.”

Romney was referring to the fact that many claim that it was a little-known film, that criticized the founder of Islam, Mohammed, which was the cause of the region wide unrest. Critics of the video claim that Florida pastor, Terry Jones, who last year cause international outrage by burning the Koran, released clips of the film on the internet in order to create more trouble. These same critics, which seemed to include the United States Department of State and the White House, also criticized Jones for abusing his right to free speech.

But Mitt Romney pierced the liberal obfuscation and got straight to the heart of the matter: the problem is not with American freedom of speech, it lies in the hearts of Islamic extremists who would butcher and murder those with whom they disagree. By appearing to apologize for the actions of a single American, the Obama administration seemed to some to be sympathizing with terrorists and killers against an American citizen exercising his constitutional rights. Mitt Romney did score political points, but only by standing up for American values.

Romney’s criticism of the Obama administration also struck a chord with the millions of Americans who are tired of being the world’s punching bag, and would like their country to be strong, powerful, and feared by its enemies. These Americans feel that Barack Obama’s policy of apology and appeasement have led the nation to a point where terrorists around the globe act with impunity against the U.S. because they no longer fear any retribution.

President Obama’s apparent weakness and lack of resolve have emboldened the nation’s enemies, and the disgraceful murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens by Libyan terrorists is only the latest symptom of an American president’s feebleness. But those on the left will never admit that their policies are failures and they themselves are at fault, so they must divert attention by making bogus accusations against others.

Chris Matthews, darling of the MSNBC network, provided an excellent example of liberal “denial.” Because the attack on the Cairo embassy and the murder of the Ambassador to Libya were the direct result of a laughably weak foreign policy, liberal ideologues like Matthews had to find a scapegoat. Usually they would blame former president, George Bush, the left’s favorite punching bag, but during this election season, the choice became Mitt Romney.

However, since Romney had nothing to do with the policy that brought about the tragedy, Matthews and his fellow media lemmings attacked Romney for criticizing Obama. If the media are discussing some obscure film, then they are not discussing the real cause of tragedy. And if they are condemning Romney for his response, then no one is condemning President Obama for his culpability. Nice trick, huh.

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