MSNBC Anchor Chris Matthews Caught Lying on HBO’s ‘Real Time’

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MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews was caught red-handed lying on HBO’s Real Time Friday night. The far-left “news” anchor claimed that when former President George Bush left office, “unemployment was well past ten percent and skyrocketing.” But this assertion was proven false when Noel Sheppard wrote that unemployment “was at 7.8 percent in January 2009,” according to the U.S. Labor Department.

As many frustrated liberals are prone to do, Matthews continued his attack on George Bush ridiculing him for not being invited to speak at the recent Republican National Convention. But unlike other self-centered politically whorish ex-presidents, George Bush does not seek out the spotlight. Much like the honored Cincinnatus, Bush served his nation and retired into private life.

Later in the program, Matthews unwittingly revealed the motivation for his resentment toward Republicans. Whimpering like a child, he stated to Hedgecock that “there’s a lot of people like your crowd that inherited everything…they were born sliding into home and they take credit for it.” To anyone with a smidgen of common sense, this statement obviously reeks of envy toward those more fortunate than Matthews.

Liberal media types like Matthews have been going on television and proclaiming that the ideological “facts” propagated by the White House and Democrats in Congress to be absolute truth. For years they have misled the public, conspired with others in the media, misstated details, and outright lied in their attempt to support liberal politicians like Barack Obama.

But Friday night demonstrated that liberals will no longer be allowed to spew their lies without being challenged. The time of the liberal monopoly on information is over and Matthews got a taste of it. In a move that represented the new fire that burns in the hearts of conservatives across the country, Hedgecock stood up for Mitt Romney, conservatives, and the truth by calling out Matthews for being a liar. When he had finally had enough of Matthews’ ridiculous fabrications, Hedgecock told the boisterous idiot “Chris, Chris, calm down man. You’re just, you’re lying. I mean, come on.”

But Hedgecock went further, scolding the television host by reminding Matthews of a recent poll showing distrust of the mainstream media to be at an all time high, and asking if “the executives at NBC support one of their employees going on a nationally televised program speaking undeniable falsehoods?”

Chris Matthews and others in the media may live in a liberal-induced fantasy world, but that world is crashing down around them. As gasoline prices and the real numbers of unemployed skyrocket, the value of the dollar plummets, the United States is ridiculed and attacked by terrorists around the world, and President Obama’s policies failed one by one, the American people are fed up with the Orwellian spin, distortion, and outright lies.

The liberal era is coming to an end and conservatism will finally become supreme in American political life. Mitt Romney will inevitably win the election in November, ushering in a period of renewed American power and might. The American right is beginning to stir and when it awakes in November, the Democrats will get a well deserved pummeling.

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