MSNBC host Chris Matthews claims Romney’s criticism of Obama is Unconstitutional

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MSNBC host Chris Matthews demonstrated not only his ignorance of the U.S. Constitution, but also revealed the potential danger of his fanatical loyalty to Barack Obama. In a discussion concerning the recent presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama, Matthews made the completely outrageous statement about Romney:

I don’t think he understands the Constitution of the United States… He’s the president of the United States. You don’t say, “you’ll get your chance.”

This statement could be one of the most dangerous statements ever made by a member of the press in the history of United States. Matthews is not only demonstrating his slavish devotion to the president, but his willingness to promote totalitarianism in the mainstream press. For that is exactly what the radical MSNBC television host seems to be advocating when he claims that it is against the law to challenge the president in a political debate.

One must wonder if this type of sentiment is common among the mainstream press, and if Mr. Matthews and his liberal media friends think that whatever Barack Obama dictates is constitutional. There has been not a peep by the mainstream media about what many claim have been potential violations of the Constitution during the past three years. Everything—from claiming executive privilege for documents in the Fast and Furious scandal, to the many executive orders issued personally by Obama, or the thousands of new regulations issued by government agencies—have all come under scrutiny for their constitutionality. But Matthews and his liberal media friends have given their “messiah” a pass by either dismissing the opposition’s claims or simply ignoring the stories altogether.

A statement like Matthews’ is indicative of the liberal media, ignorant of the law and demonstrating complete devotion to Barack Obama. But this dangerous mix will soon be nullified as the American people will rise up in November and send this pack of would-be tyrants packing. Mitt Romney will most likely hand Barack Obama or a major whooping in the presidential election, and there is nothing that the Democrats and their liberal media allies can do about it.

Wildly despicable statements about the supremacy of President Obama or his legal protection from criticism have not been heard from the lips of humans beings since the old Soviet Union, and Matthews should be fired for it. The American press plays a vital role in the defense of freedom from tyranny, and Chris Matthews is violating that sacred trust. He may believe that Barack Obama is infallible and that it is against the law to criticize the president, but it will be interesting to see if he still believes this when Mitt Romney is elected president in November.

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