MTV’s Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi- Snooki- arrested on scene for disorderly conduct in public

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Celebrity Nicole Polizzi was arrested today for disorderly conduct in public.  Polizzi, cast as Snooki on MTV’s Jersey Shore, acts with a cast of hard-partying 20-something year old Italian-Americans.  The arrest was made in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, where much of the show is recorded.

According to, “Seaside Heights Police Chief Thomas Boyd says Nicole “SnookiPolizzi was arrested on the beach around 3:25 p.m. Friday and charged with disorderly conduct. That came after other beachgoers reported Polizzi was bothering them. “

 Polizzi was taken to police headquarters, where she was processed.  She was released about three hours later, on a summons for a future appearance in court.  All of this came one day after the premiere of the show’s second season.  MTV spokeswoman, Emily Yeomans, declined to comment on the arrest.

According to witnesses Polizzi was partying on the beach, drinking Coca-Cola from a beer bong and was seen later on at a local bar. 





Is this a publicity stunt for?  Her character on the show is a hard-partying young woman and now she is acting the same in real life?  If it isn’t a publicity stunt will the show be interrupted for her court appearances?  Maybe judges need to get stricter on celebrities and treat them the same as everyone else.  Maybe it wasn’t Coca-Cola in that bottle?  What do you think?

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