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I thought since I covered the Dynamic Table of Contents for a paperback, I should do another post to cover the Table of Contents for an ebook. Keep in mind, I have not yet helped anyone with publishing an ebook, so I could be so very wrong.

Word’s Dynamic Table of Contents doesn’t link to a chapter, so forget about that type of table. (Feel free to interject with thoughts, ideas and knowledge.) It is nice (in an ebook) to be able to click on something in the table of contents and have it link directly there.

Below, I went down to CHAPTER ONE (the beginning of the content) and highlighted CHAPTER ONE. Then, I hit the tab ‘insert’ clicked on ‘bookmark’.
Then, typed in the name (note it doesn’t like spaces) and hit ‘add’ Go the the next title.
Do that for each title and subtitle.
Now, up to your Table of Contents. Highlight Chapter One. Under the insert tab, click on ‘hyperlink’, change the setting to ‘place in this document’, click on Chapter One as shown in the drop down box.
Do that for all of the titles and subtitles, and with luck, you’re done.


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