Muddling Through Publishing, Part Four

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Now to the Dynamic Table of Contents. It’s easy, but the instructions are muddy. I accidentally figured this out—pure luck, but what a wonderful tool. As Elsie changed her mind, deleted or added something, the table tracked the changes.
If (as in Elsie’s case) the interior is already written, insert a Dynamic Table of Contents.
Since Word defaults everything (sometimes) to body text, and the “Romance” catagory and the “Poems” are all in body text, the Table will look like this (maybe).
Change the catatory (Romance) to level 1 and the poems for that catagory to level 2. Right click on Romance, click on paragraph in the drop down box and change the level to 1, so the same for the poems, but make them level 2.
Now, click on the table of contents. A tab at the top allows you to update the table. Cick on the tab. It will look like this. Don’t worry that all the pages are on page 1 because they are. If I had put a page break between each poem, it would have shown a different page for the special poem. Later, if you switch things around, and you click on the tab, you can update the entire table.
Well, I’m done. After you have it (hopefully) perfect, open an account with CreateSpace and follow their instructions. I’ve been impressed with the ease of publishing on their site. When you download the interior, you can view is as it should look in the book, and you can re-do it to your hearts content.

Hope this all helps. You can click on the pictures for a larger view. Feel free to add more learning input or ask questions.

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