Muddling Through Publishing, Part Two

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Muddling Through Publishing, Part Two

If you right click the picture and open it in a new tab, the picture will be blown up and easier to read.

Success! First I decided to put down the ‘how to’ books and did it myself. Elsie (the author) and I wanted a standard book size of 6 inches wide and 9 inches deep. I opened up her book and changed the page size.  Under the tab, Page Layout, click on the size button and a drop down will come up. Click on More Paper Sizes. I don’t think I had an auto choice, so I manually entered the sizes. Six inches wide and 9 inches in depth.

Can’t insert pictures, so if you want to see them, go to

I believe there are four print screen pictures there.

That added quite a few extra pages, so I went to Createspace’s calculator where I was able to determine that a print on demand book wouldn’t cost much more than the minimum 100 pages.


Then, I clicked on the tab next to paper, named layout.


And then on to the margins tab.


Those margins may not be the best, but I wanted to get as much print on a page as possible. The inside and outside margins are important. Keep in mind, you have odd/even mirrored pages. The even page (left page) should have a larger margin than the odd page (right page) in order to be sure your print doesn’t leak into the book binding.

Okay, fine, I once again went through the book to put in manual page breaks. Remember, this is a book of poetry and it seems important to me that at least one stanza should be kept together if it flows to a second page. (If anyone needs to know how to insert a page break, let me know and I’ll do a print screen.)


Okay, that’s it for part two. Next will be for the Header/Footer and maybe the Dynamic Table of Contents.

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