‘Muppets’ Movie Attracts Lady Gaga and Other Big Names

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There is a new Muppets movie in the works, and it is attracting some big names. Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the other muppet stars will be joined by a slew of celebrities. Already, word has it that Lady Gaga and Paul Rudd will be part of that lineup.

Lady Gaga already has a history with the Muppets. She and one of the world’s most famous amphibians, Kermit, hit the Video Music Awards (VMAs) together last year. The pair engaged in what New York Magazine described as a “red-hot make-out session.”

The singer has a bit of an odd history with the Muppets, though. Although she locked lips with the frog on the red carpet, she has also appeared “on German television recently wearing a coat made of hundreds of flaccid Kermit the Frog dolls by Jean Charles de Castelbajac. She accessorized with one bedazzled Kermit head perched atop her own.”

It is said that the script of the movie, which is currently titled The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made, is inspired by Lady Gaga. Reportedly, Miss Piggy will be living as a Lady Gaga-esque character in Europe, while Kermit will have fallen into squalor.

As for Rudd, he appears not to be going to make an in-the-flesh appearance, but fans will hear him. New York Magazine says that he will be “voicing the new, iPhone-owning Muppet named Walter.” With the addition of this character, it seems that even the Muppets have gotten caught up in some of the newest technologies.

Other stars that, according to CNN, are expected to be part of the movie include Jack Black, Donald Glover, Danny Trejo, and Jason Segel. Despite stories stating that she will be in the movie, Glee star Jane Lynch denies having a role. Lynch is quoted as saying that she would do it if asked but that she hasn’t been asked.

The movie is set to open Christmas 2011. It will come 32 years after the first Muppet movie, The Muppet Movie.

For those who grew up with the Muppets, it should be exciting to see a new movie released. Although, a return of The Muppet Show might be even more fun.

The Muppets have always attracted celebrities, and this latest line-up reflects who is currently popular. There is no doubt that Lady Gaga certainly is popular, and, given that she has gone on a date with Kermit, there is no denying that she is passionate about the Muppets. Seeing her and Miss Piggy on the same screen should be interesting.

It is disappointing, though, that it doesn’t appear that Jane Lynch will have a role in the movie. It also seems like a bad move on the part of the people making this movie. Jane Lynch and Glee are extremely popular, and her presence in the movie would likely draw even more viewers.

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