Murkowski launches write-in candidacy; another last stand by less insane Republicans

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On August 24, incumbent Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski lost a photo-finish primary to the Sarah Palan-supported Teabegger Joe Miller.  Yesterday, she announced that should would run as a write-in candidate in the general election in November, despite the state and national Republican organizations pledging support for Miller in the general election.  This was after her overtures to run on the Libertarian party line had been rebuffed.

She’s not the first candidate to not just roll over after chased out of the Republican contest by a Teabagger.  Incumbent Florida governor Charles Crist ended up not even contesting the Republican primary for Senate against Marco Rubio and is running as an independent.

Although Bill McCollum isn’t running for Florida governor as an independent after losing the primary to Rick Scott (one of many losses for the Florida Attorney General and former Representative, having lost contests for the Senate in 2000 and 2004), he has pointedly refused to endorse the winner in the general election.

This isn’t necessarily a widespread phenomenon but it could help the Democrats in some cases.  According to’s poll aggregation, Marco Rubio has held onto a consistent lead over Crist and Democratic nominee Kendrick Meek for almost a month but in the gubernatorila race, Democrat Alex Sink has kept a small lead over Rick Scott and Lisa Murkowski’s write-in candidacy has a shot.  Ultimately, the staying power of the Tea Party will hinge on its electability.  To the extent that it helps the Democrats (for instance, Teabagger Christine O’Donnell is behind Democrat Chris Coons by double-digits while pre-primary polls had given establishment Republican Mike Castle a solid lead).

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