Music Review: Sigur Ros, ‘Inni’ – Live Concert CD + DVD

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November 15th marks the release date of Sigur Ros’s new album, Inni. Consisting of a double CD and a 75-minute DVD concert film, Inni is a time capsule of the band’s last live show in 2008 before taking an “indefinite hiatus.”

Sigur Ros Creates a Dreamlike State

The beautifully done musical film was shot in a two-night stint at London’s Alexandra Palace. Shot in black and white HD and transferred to 16mm by director, Vincent Morriset (who also worked with Arcade Fire), the film captures a sense of dream-like imagery. The point of view jumps between close-ups of the band’s instruments and lead singer Birgisson’s vocal performance. And even though most people won’t understand the Icelandic language, and no one will understand Birgisson’s made-up language of Hopelandic, the new Sigur Ros album is strangely relatable. It’s almost as if the intonation of the words and the musical cues from the instruments tell their own story and the listener can interpret it any way he or she wants.

Inni = Inside

Akin to storytelling, the new Sigur Ros album masterfully goes between energetic and inspiring tunes to relaxing instrumentals that almost make you feel like you’re getting a relaxing facial. It’s the kind of album that’s so versatile it can be played at a dinner party, while reading or studying or while engaging in a creative process yourself. One song in particular, “All Alright,” sounds strangely familiar and it’s incredibly soothing. Sigur Ros’s music is so inviting, soothing and inspiring that it seems like it has the ability to touch you inside. It’s no accident that the album is titled Inni, which means “inside.”

Sigur Rós Inni was beautiful and amazing.

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