Musicians of Mercy and FIRN: Empowering Survivors of Violent Crime

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Robin Fay Massie may not have a huge amount of money, but she has a huge heart. It was through her desire to help those in need that Musicians of Mercy began. Although the organization was launched as a result of devastation, MOM, much like any good mother, is about nurturing. The musicians of MOM come together to create music for the sole purpose of raising funds to donate to those in need.

Musicians of Mercy began as a benefit concert to raise funds after the January 2010 earthquake which devastated Haiti. Although Massie, a violist with the Delaware Symphony Orchestra, had no ties to Haiti personally, she was affected deeply and wanted desperately to help. Massie remembers thinking, “What could I do? I can’t give money, I can’t go there, but I do have my music.”

Just days later, Massie organized the benefit concert for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Together, with 70 musicians who donated their time and talent to play, they raised $1,300.

A few weeks following the benefit concert, in March 2010, another earthquake and a tsunami hit northern Japan. It was then that Massie realized she wanted to build Musicians of Mercy into a nonprofit organization which helps raise funds to aid in disasters. MOM has since performed four concerts and has raised more than $10,000.
“God gave me this gift,” Massie said. “What am I going to do with it? I can fill a concert hall just to make people smile, or I can help people live better,” she says. “I can’t wait for someone to give me the opportunity to do what I want. I have to create one.”

The Musicians of Mercy will perform again this weekend on September 25, 2011 at 7:00 pm at Christ Episcopal Church in Columbia, Maryland. MOM will come together with musician William Soul in a benefit concert in honor of FIRN’s 30th Anniversary and to support their Survivors of Violent Crime program. All funds raised through this concert will benefit FIRN, an organization devoted to serving the Howard County immigrant population since 1981.

More information can be found on the Musicians of Mercy and FIRN websites.

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